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Douglas J. Lee has been writing music for the last decade. He first picked up a guitar when he was fifteen years old and tried to write a song after listening to “Plush” by the Stone Temple Pilots. And so, his musical journey had begun. The tone of his voice is very reminiscent of the mid-90’s grunge rock era, similar to his heroes Chris Cornell and Scott Wieland.

His curiosity flourished when he moved to Boston to start college. He then started listening to everything from Bob Dylan to Radiohead, which initiated his desire to focus on both lyrical content and the artistry of song composition. He majored in literature to add to his creative writing style, which also helped him polish his songwriting abilities.

After college, he was still very restless in his skills as a musician. He began taking guitar and vocal lessons to hone his craft even further, which ultimately changed his life, and his love for music. His lyrical content revolves around the intensity and heartache of a man deep in revelatory thought. He sings with an unhindered honesty and it seems every time he puts his lips to the microphone, it’s a testimony to that particular instance in his life.

Douglas J. Lee is based out of Philadelphia, where he recorded his self-titled debut album, which is due out for release in May 2008.
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